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The fire monitor is the second-generation intelligent fire monitor

Release time:2022-08-16 09:49

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The fire monitor is the second-generation intelligent fire monitor, which is a highly automated and intelligent fire extinguishing device with a high market share. Many customers think the operation will be very complicated. In fact, the more automated and intelligent the product, the easier and more convenient the operation will be, because the more the product program runs automatically, the more human-computer interaction will be. In order to give customers a better understanding of the product, today we will explain how to use and operate the second-generation smart fire monitor.

1. General requirements:

1. After the fire-fighting water monitor system is installed, the fire-fighting water monitor shall designate a special person to be responsible for the operation and use, receive technical training from the manufacturer, and be familiar with the products and operating procedures.

2. After the training, the operator should be familiar with the fire monitor and can understand the structure, working principle, performance and operating procedures at any time. The fire monitor is familiar with the system operation state, the system operation state, and the emergency operation of the fire monitor, as well as the recovery after the fire monitor is extinguished. operate.

3. Establish a corresponding maintenance system and regularly maintain the system.

2. The operation process in each operation mode:

After the fire monitor is installed, turn on the power switch of the fire monitor controller and the UPS backup power switch. After the power is turned on, the fire monitor nozzle will run for a week and enter the initial position, keep the inlet and outlet valves in a normally open state, and the pressure value in the pipeline is not low. Below 0.8MPa, the solenoid valve must be normally closed. The system can be operated after there is no abnormality, and its use and operation usually have three modes: automatic mode, manual mode and on-site mode.

1. Automatic mode. The fire water cannon is operated automatically, and the on-site operator only needs to remember the operation formula: listen to two, watch three valve power. One is that the on-site duty officer first listens to the alarm sound, and the other is to observe whether there is a fire through video pictures. Three valve power supply, check whether the site needs to spray water, whether to open the valve power supply according to the actual needs, and spray water to extinguish the fire. After the fire source is extinguished, the valve power supply needs to be reset to ensure safety.

2. Manual mode. Manual mode is usually a complement to automatic mode. First, the operator enters the control operation interface on the fire water monitor controller, selects the single control mode in the control mode option point, manually selects the gun in the more function operation area, and selects the gun area to display the current control gun number. A selection needs to operate the gun, the same host panel flip key function, including the keys on the joystick can be selected. The water cannon can be controlled by a joystick, and the joystick can easily control the direction and angle of the water cannon. The operator can control the video monitoring of the host through the fire water monitor, judge the direction of the fire source, activate the valve power supply, and then spray water to put out the fire. During the fire-fighting process, the fire-fighting scene can be controlled in real time through the video pictures of the host computer, and the valve power supply can be reset after the fire-fighting process to ensure foolproof.

3. On-site mode. The field mode generally means that the operation of the field operation panel needs to register the operation panel first, and then enter the operation interface to operate. The direction of the arrow on the operation interface is the currently controllable fire water cannon, and the button selection can be selected. Currently, it is an automatic mode when the gun emblem is white. If you want to select it as manual mode, you can switch it manually via the button. After switching, the white sign disappears, and you can press the up, down, left and right keys for a long time to manually control and adjust the fire-fighting water cannon to perform the fire-fighting action from the direction and angle. The valve open and close buttons on the operation panel are the water outlet switches for controlling the electric valve, and the variable column and fog buttons are used to adjust the water spray form of cannons above 20 liters. The fire alarm button on the operation panel is used to force the water bubble to enter the scanning state, and move the fire monitor system forward to control the host to manually alarm. The setting button is used to set the parameters of the operation panel, and the emergency stop button is used to forcefully stop the running state of the gun head.

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