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Foundational Understanding of Emergency Evacuation Lights

Release time:2022-08-24 18:06

Insights into Intelligent Fire Emergency Evacuation Lights

Intelligent fire emergency lights are specialized luminaires designed to facilitate both personnel evacuation and firefighting activities during emergencies. Typically, these lights draw power from an external source and seamlessly transition to battery power when the main supply is interrupted. High-rise buildings, shopping centres, entertainment venues, and other densely populated spaces commonly install these emergency lights. Let's delve into some fundamental knowledge about these intelligent fire emergency lights, with the assistance of the following points.

Strategic Placement

Intelligent fire emergency lights are strategically positioned at the uppermost part of fire escape routes and evacuation passageways, typically around the lower wall corners below 1m from the ground. Operated in a single emergency mode, they receive activation signals from the fire control room when a fire event occurs.


Fire Emergency Lighting Circuit

The circuit for fire emergency lighting often serves as general public lighting and can be controlled using lighting switches. During a fire, it switches into an emergency mode and directly connects to emergency evacuation lighting fixtures. At this juncture, the lighting switch loses control, while the intelligent fire emergency light remains unaffected by the switch's operation.


Conventional Public Lighting Circuit

This form of lighting serves as standard public illumination, distinct from emergency lighting. Consequently, it cannot be integrated with battery-powered circuits and doesn't require immediate activation in case of fire. This lighting type connects to the regular circuit of the emergency lighting distribution box, contributing to cost savings by avoiding the need for a separate distribution box. Moreover, this arrangement doesn't necessitate a heightened battery capacity and is more straightforward to manage.


Emergency Distribution Box

The emergency distribution box can be tailored to supply DC power for fire protection in line with project requirements.


Critical Equipment Rooms

Rooms housing vital equipment, such as the power distribution room, fire pump room, fire control room, smoke prevention and exhaust machine room, fire power battery room, self-supplied generator room, telephone exchange room, and computer room, warrant special consideration. In such cases, individual emergency power boxes should be established, ensuring that emergency lighting maintains standard illuminance levels during routine operations.


Understanding the nuances of intelligent fire emergency evacuation lights entails recognizing their placement, circuit configurations, and distinctive roles in various settings. These lights play a pivotal role in promoting safety and effective response during fire-related scenarios.


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