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Emergency lighting certification in SASO

Release time:2022-08-24 18:03

Keywords: Emergency, certification, SASO

SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) has established specific certification requisites for emergency luminaires and emergency kits, with the objective of ensuring the safety and operational efficacy of these products within the confines of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These regulations have been formulated to ascertain that emergency lighting and kits adhere to established benchmarks for quality and safety, thereby contributing to the overall security of individuals and property during critical scenarios. Presented below are the salient aspects of SASO certification for emergency luminaires and emergency kits:

Emergency Luminaires Certification:

Product Assessment

Emergency luminaires slated for certification must undergo comprehensive testing to validate conformity with pertinent Saudi standards and specifications. This testing regimen commonly encompasses factors such as luminosity, battery longevity, durability, and performance under diverse conditions.


Energy Efficiency

SASO might also necessitate that emergency luminaires align with specific energy efficiency criteria, thereby bolstering sustainability initiatives and prudent energy consumption.


Safety Attributes

These luminaires should integrate safety attributes such as short-circuit protection, overcharge prevention, and fail-safe mechanisms, all of which contribute to reliable functioning during exigencies.



Manufacturers or importers seeking SASO certification for emergency luminaires should furnish extensive documentation, encompassing technical specifications, testing reports, and user manuals. These documents substantiate the product's adherence to stipulated standards.


Conformity Evaluation

SASO could conduct inspections and audits of manufacturing processes and facilities to verify consistent production quality and alignment with the stipulated standards.


Emergency Kits Certification:

Component Standards

Emergency kits might encompass an array of constituents, ranging from first aid provisions to tools and essential supplies. Each constituent within the kit must comply with applicable SASO standards to guarantee safety, efficacy, and quality.


Packaging and Labelling

Adequate packaging and clear labelling assume significance to distinctly outline the kit's contents, usage guidelines, and any cautionary advisories. This facilitates swift access and utilization of the items during emergent situations.


Expiry Dates

Components with finite shelf lives, such as medications and perishable commodities, must conspicuously display expiration dates to obviate potential hazards upon use beyond their viability.


Quality Control

Manufacturers and importers should implement rigorous quality control protocols to affirm that the items within the emergency kit are in prime condition and poised for employment during exigent circumstances.



Analogous to emergency luminaires, all-encompassing documentation substantiating the certification process is pivotal for emergency kits as well. This encompasses records of the contents, met quality standards, and assembly procedures.

It's imperative to acknowledge that these requisites are subject to evolution contingent on updates to Saudi Arabian regulations, standards, and policies. Entities pursuing SASO certification for emergency luminaires and emergency kits ought to engage directly with SASO or authorized representatives to remain abreast of the latest requisites and protocols.


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