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Emtrons attended Light + Building 2024 Frankfurt am Mains

Release time:2024-03-18 11:38

On March 8th, the highly anticipated lighting industry event "Light + Building 2024" came to a successful conclusion. The exhibition focused on the three themes of "interconnection", "sustainable development" and "work + life", bringing together more than 2,200 leading lighting and building technology companies from 147 countries around the world, including China, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France and others.

At this event, Emtrons made a stunning appearance with multiple products and technical solutions in three categories: emergency converter, emergency lighting, and emergency system. Among them, the EM10X\EM30X series with DALI-2 function attracted much attention due to its excellent adaptability and ability to meet most industrial/commercial needs worldwide.



During the 6-day exhibition, Emtrons not only demonstrated its profound technical strength and comprehensive solutions in the field of emergency lighting, but also won wide acclaim and high recognition from industry elites through in-depth exchanges with global customers.



In the process of communication, Emtrons always adhere to customer demand-oriented, providing customized products and solutions, and striving to meet the individual needs of every customer.



Looking forward to the future, Emtrons will continue to uphold the concept of high-quality development, and through continuous technological innovation, provide global customers with more low-carbon, intelligent and high-quality emergency products.


Although this exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, the pace of Emtrons will never stop. We look forward to meeting you again and creating a better future together!


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