Product Technologies

Product Technologies

20V-500V Universal Emergency Converters

The Emtrons converters output will cover the wide range from 20V-300V DC
as default, as universally suitable for most of LED arrays and fittings. 


We also customize our converter output to 500V DC , to meet the extraordinary
demand from LED luminaries factories in the markets.All you need from emergency is ourall-in-one converter.

Product Technologies

Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs

Our revolutionary and unique design for exit lights are our strength in electronic
and industrial designs. 


The Emtrons exit signal fittings with single battery cover all the product demand. 


We provide five (5) years guarantee for our products.

Product Technologies

Microwave Sensor Emergency Lights

Emtrons can provide all kinds of microwave sensor light fittings, combining with
emergency function,including LED emergency sensor bulkheads, exterior and
interior emergency LED luminaries. 


Our latest 5.8GHz microwave Doppler radar motion senor can help to save the 
electricity for the emergency fittings during non-emergency status, but maintain
the full function with 100% luminance during emergency function.

Product Technologies

Direct Emergency Converters for AC Driver Luminaires(110V /220V AC)

Emtrons design and provide the AC output emergency converter for AC drivered, DOB (Device On Board) luminaries, it can work easily with 220V or 110V AC driver  LED arrays with our latest three (3) hours battery pack-up. 

Product Technologies

Two-in-One LED Driver with Emergency Function

Emtrons design and combine the conventional LED (including DALI) drivers
function into emergency converter, as two-in-one driver. It works as ordinary LED
driver with or without DALI function, the same product also works well with battery back-up as emergency converter. 


Currently this two-in-one drivers can work with load upto 45W, covering most of
LED lighting arrays and luminaries.

Product Technologies

DALI 2.0 DT1 Emergency Converters

April 17,2022, DALI version 1.0 registry is not allowed any more.The existing self-declared DALI drivers will be not available in market, instead of the unified-performance products,approved and verified DALI 2.0 by DiiA.


In July 2022, we joined Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DALI Alliance) as associated member, we committed to deliver our understanding and experience of IEC62386.2019,IEC62034.2012 & GB/T30104 in DALI version 2.0 as very beginner members.


On August 1st 2022, the world 1# high power emergency converter DALI2.0 DT1 from Emtrons is verified by DiiA successfully.  


The relative DALI 2.0 DT1 products series will be released very soon, and we believe that all Emtrons product will be DALI 2.0 DT1 verified and listed.

Product Technologies

Central Battery System (CBS) 

We understand and analyse the huge demand from building management
system in market.We redeisgn the emergency lights to better match functional and elegant demand from market, from spotlight, downlight, weatherproof batten and buried lights,etc.The central monitor and maintenance system , including Apps, is on the way to release very soon.