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Industry Emergency Applications

Traditionally energy savings and low maintenance costs are significantly important in all industries, but the security is even more critical after all factors. In the future, data derived from smart and security lighting will help improve better experience factories owners or investors, whilst providing comprehensive information on how to optimise operational processes and increase plant productivity. In our niche market, Emtrons will play correct and important role in lighting industry, to our partner and our end users.

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Outdoor Emergency Applications

Outdoor emergency lights and exit signs are water-resistant, weatherproof battery units that are fully enclosed (and typically gasketed) to shelter the internal components from the elements. These units can be installed in wet locations or areas subject to hose-down and constant moisture. Emtrons have UL rated closures with patent battery units that supersede UL Wet Location ratings -- providing ample protection against corrosion, dusty and rainy winds, splashing water, moderate hose-downs and icy buildup on the body.

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Education Facilities Application

The schools require emergency lighting to fulfil their duty of care. It is no doubt to design and install the emergency lighting as security purpose. There is confusion around opening times, school usage and hours of darkness. A school has a duty of care to its pupils, staff and visitors. It's a legal requirement that all non-domestic buildings are safe at all times.

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Office Emergency Application

It's a critical life safety system that will help your staff and visitors to evacuate your building to a place of safety in an emergency. When your regular power supply drops out during a fire, or even a power cut, the normal lighting fails. This can obviously lead to sudden darkness and a potential risk to occupants, either through physical danger or sheer panic. Emergency Lighting illuminates escape routes and safety equipment, making it safer and easier for your staff and visitors to navigate the building when the standard lighting fails.

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Hospitality Facilities Application

In Hotels, safety lighting is mandatory in rooms for stand-by electricity generators and main distributors. Corridors, stairwells and emergency exits must be illuminated and marked in order to quickly evacuate the building in case of a power failure or fire Emtrons supplies the required emergency luminaires, which can be combined with lighting fixtures and internal electronics The patented luminaires of Emtrons are a complete product range with a homogenous design. The luminaires are available in white, anthracite or stainless-steel colored metal housings. Due to their easy mounting and invisible fixings, they can be perfectly integrated in any surroundings – ensuring stylish safety.

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Retails Emergency Applications

Most emergency lights installed in businesses are simple lighting devices that contain a small battery. The device is connected to the building’s electrical supply, which provides a constant charge to the battery. In the event of a power failure, circuitry in the fixture activates the lights, so that occupants can see to exit the building. Most emergency lights are only designed to work for the code’s required minimum of 90 minutes in US or 180 minutes in EU on battery power.

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