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DALI 2.0 Certification


Emtrons registered DiiA as emergency electronics manufacturer in July 2022.

Emtrons EM120H,on August 1st 2022, as the world first high power emergency converter, verified by DALI 2.0



What is DALI 2.0 ?


DALI, or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is smart wired lighting control standard,owned and operated by Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA). It have wide interoperability in control, configuration & querying of devices.It works with max.64 addresses on each subnet, with max 250mA bus power supply as standard. It can cover max. 300m distance.The improved DALI2.0 solve several problems after decades research and development. DALI version 2.0 protocol requires to verify and approve the test sequence solely by DiiA for different manufactures.DALI is most popular used in lighting control industry as actual world standard.


From April 17,2022, DALI version 1.0 registry is not allowed anymore. The existing self-declared DALI drivers will not be available in market,due to non-stable compatibility from device manufacturers. Instead, the unified-performance products will be approved and verified DALI 2.0 by DiiA.


In July 2022, we joined Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DALI Alliance) as associated member, we committed to deliver our understanding and experience of IEC62386.2019,IEC62034.2012 & GB/T30104 in DALI version 2.0 as very early members.




DALI 2.0 DT1 Certification


On August 1st 2022, the world #1 high power emergency converter DALI2.0 DT1 from Emtrons is verified by DiiA successfully.


The DALI 2.0 standard was released in September 2021, as “self-contained emergency control gear” from IEC 62386. Its Part 202 DT1 defines the DALI standard for emergency lighting components, DT5 for 0/1- 10V dimming luminaires, DT6 for LED luminaires dimming,DT8 for color temperature.


In March 2022, the world first emergency converter certified by DALI 2.0 is about 4W power consumption. The Emtrons EM120H with 30W, equipped with 3hrs LiFePo4 battery, passed the DALI2.0 test, and got the approval from officials.


The Emtrons products marked with DALI 2.0 will be released very soon, and we are confident that Emtrons will play active role in DALI 2.0 emergency electronic industry and all Emtrons products will be DALI 2.0 DT1 verified and marked in the market.