Product Technologies

April 17,2022, DALI version 1.0 registry is not allowed any more.The existing self-declared DALI drivers will be not available in market, instead of the unified-performance products,approved and verified DALI 2.0 by DiiA.


In July 2022, we joined Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DALI Alliance) as associated member, we committed to deliver our understanding and experience of IEC62386.2019,IEC62034.2012 & GB/T30104 in DALI version 2.0 as very beginner members.


On August 1st 2022, the world 1# high power emergency converter DALI2.0 DT1 from Emtrons is verified by DiiA successfully.  


The relative DALI 2.0 DT1 products series will be released very soon, and we believe that all Emtrons product will be DALI 2.0 DT1 verified and listed.